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Personal Finance Review

Coach Key

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          50 51        
    52 53                        

1.Things people like and desire
4.The bad and good points related to making a decision
6.To keep money to spend later
7.The money a business makes after it pays its production costs
9.Activities that can satisfy people’s wants
10.The goods and services that consumers in one nation buy from sellers in other nations
12.Money put into a bank account
16.The goods and services that producers in one nation sell to buyers in other nations
17.The amount that people pay when they buy a good or service
20.The management of money
22.When people produce only some of the goods and services they consume, then trade with others to get more of the things they want
24.To trade goods and services without using money
29.Paper money that is used by a country
32.Things that can satisfy people’s wants
33.People who use resources to make goods and services
35.To make a decision
36.When people and nations depend on one another for the goods and services they want
37.A record of money deposited or withdrawn from a bank
39.The amount that producers are able and willing to produce and sell at all possible prices at a given time
40.An occupation by which a person earns a living
42.What was Jacquelyn saving money for
45.The central banking organization in the United States
46.Amount of money you earn or receive from different sources
48.Gifts of nature used to make goods and services
49.Things you must have to live
51.To receive money for doing work
53.Someone who takes the risk of producing a product or starting a new business
54.Having more goods, services or resources available than you want.
55.The way a society organizes the production, consumption and distribution of goods and services
56.Something that influences the behavior of people
2.Required payments of money made to governments by people and businesses that used to provide goods and services
3.The only part of a check that must not be completed
4.A model of an economy showing the interactions between households and businesses as they exchange goods, services and resources in markets
5.A place where buyers and sellers exchange goods and services for money
8.A plan showing how income is to be spent
11.All the goods and services produced by one country over one year (abreviation)
13.Goods and services that are provided by the government
14.Having fewer goods, services or resources available than you want
15.The amount consumers are able and willing to buy at all possible prices at a given time
18.Money owed on an account
19.Money taken out of a bank account
21.A business that provides money services, such as cashing checks, making loans, and paying interest on accounts
22.A level of material comfort in everyday life that is measured by the goods and services available to an individual, group, or nation
23.When workers perform part of a production task
25.Things used to make goods and services
26.Workers who make goods and provide services
27.When there is not enough for all who want it
28.The money a business loses after it pays its production costs
30.Methods used by businesses to gain more customers and earn higher profits
31.When you choose to get less of one thing in order to get more of something else
34.Ratio at which a unit of currency of one country can be exchanged for that of another country
35.Goods made and used to produce other goods and services
38.The next best choice that you give up
40.The study of the production, consumption and distribution of goods and services
41.People who buy and/or use goods and services to satisfy wants
43.To use money to buy goods and services
44.Payments made for the use of money
47.A good used to buy other goods and services
50.To use money to gain profit
52.Promise of payment at a future time in return for goods/service now

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