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Taylor T.

1 2
    4     5  
7               8  
9                   10   11
13               14             15     16
17           18   19                    
24         25            

3.To treat a dead body with preservatives to prevent it from decaying.
4.A city near Giza.
7.The people in the class underneath the Scribes.
9.A symbol used in hieroglyphs.
12.Parton of the Arts.
13.The people in the class underneath the Government Officals.
14.A large stone coffin.
17.Senusret's White Chapel is in this city.
19.First Female Pharoh.
20.The people in the class underneath the Pharoh.
22.The river that runs through Egypt.
23.The people in the class underneath the Priests.
24.This is the year that King Tut's tomb was found.
25.Monuments or "cemetaries" for the Pharohs.
1.This is another girl Pharoh.
2.The Great Pyrimid of ____ is in this city.
5.Military Leader and Master Building.
6.A high-ranking government offical.
8.Hatshepsut's temple is in this city.
10.The people in the lowest class.
11.The Pyrimid Builder.
13.The people who ruled in ancient Egypt.
15.Ramses II's temple is in this city.
16.People's "ranking".
18.This Pharoh came to reign at the age of 9.
21.The sea that is by Egypt.

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