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Ancient Greece Crossword

Nicole Crowne

About random knowledge from Ancient Greece.

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6.In legend this man could only die from an injury to his heel.
8.The first _____ games were held in 776 BCE to honour the Gods
10.Godess of Beauty and love
11.What monster was rumoured to lure victims into its prison that was the labyrinth?
13.______ the Great. Ruler of Greece.
14.The messenger god who wore flying shoes
15.Another name for The Golden Age of Athens. (The Age of _____)
17.In Greek mythology, what would a Half man, Half Goat be called?
19.Greek Poet who wrote the Iliadand The Odyssey
20.The river in the Underword. River ____
21.Zeus had babies with his sister(s), True/nope
22.Aphrodite cheated on her husband and had 2 children with what other god?
23.In the movie based on the Greek gods, what building is Olympus atop of. The _______ _______ building. (2 Words)
1.The God that the Oracles at Delphi prayed to
2.The place the Titans were kept after being overthrown by the Olympians
3.Home of the gods.
4.During the Golden Age, there was a Limited ________
5.The child of a god and human (2 Words)
7.The Spartans believed they were descended from the Demi- God _____?
9.Who invented the formula c^2=a^2+b^2
12.A giant wooden horse was given to the ______ by the Greeks
16.The Titan who fathered Zeus, Hades and Poseidon
18.Who is the mother of Ares

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