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The Great Veterinary Technician Crossword

Sue Gourlay, RVT

all things to do with what technicians know and do

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  5             6   7
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15 16               17                      
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28       29   30                

1.steam sterilizer for surgical instruments
5.side view of a patient
9.the biggest vein to draw blood from
10.increased heart rate
12.a usually round white cell with a large dark nucleus
15.the 'B' of CPR ABC
17.the study of parasites
18.decreased blood pressure
21."animal nurse" short form (2 Words)
22.a white cell that often resembles a raspberry
23.the large vein in the front legs
28.to sort emergency patients in order of importance
30.relief of pain
31.the 'A' of CPR ABC
32.stool sample analysis
1.the study of bones, muscles and organs
2.when pressing the gums, you are assessing the _______
3.abnormal heart beat
4.fluid portion of blood after it has clotted and is spun down
6.decreased heart rate
7.the smaller vein on the back legs
8.short form for ventro-dorsal view
11.badge that registers radiation exposure
13.tool to asses heart rate and lung sounds
14.increased arterial blood pressure
16.most common internal parasite of puppies and kittens
19.most common white cell in dogs and cats
20.the largest of white cells
24.infection or parasitic disease that can be transmitted between human and pets
25.most common external parasite
26.fluid portion of blood in which cells are found
27.black and white image of bones and internal organs
29.to check MM, you would first look at ________

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