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B Movies and Horror Flicks

Autumn Harrison

Generally the answer is a movie title, unless suggested otherwise in the hint; other answer types include characters, actors and actresses, objects/etc. seen in the films, and cowboy/western trivia. Western-related hints will be obvious (all others are horror-related). Some movie titles contain several words, in which case spaces and hyphens have been removed. Names of people refer only to first or last names, not whole names. The word "the" has been removed from the beginning of all titles.

Happy hunting!

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29       30                   31   32            
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  38     39 40 41
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50   51 52               53      

4."It's alive! It's alive!"
5.1974 version with cannibals. Last word in title
8.Yee-haw! (this one's mostly for Kierin)
10.Actor who starred in the western "Dances with Wolves"
12.Directed by George Romero 10 years after his first classic (4 Words)
16."There's two kinds of people, my friend. Those with loaded guns, and those who ___"
17.Last name Oakley; also a singing, red-headed orphan
18.Arachnophobia is the fear of ___
19.Name of the demons in Hellraiser
24."All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"
26.Character who wears his victims' skins
29.The O. K. Corral is in ___
31.Jean-Claude Van Damme plays Kurt Sloan.
33.A western called "My Darling ___"
34.Wilder and ___ teamed up in the western "The Frisco Kid"
35.Character whose full name is Charles Lee Ray
36.Brad ___: Always plays the slimeball
37.First girl killed in Scream 3
42.Sumatran rat-monkey. (2 Words)
44.Mr. Ghostface
46.Hannibal Lector's professional title
48.Organ that must be destroyed to kill a zombie
49.John Rhys-___: "Anaconda" films; also plays Gimli in "LotR"
52.No bright lights, water, or food after midnight
53."From ___ Till Dawn"
54.Director of "Nightmare on Elm St."
55.Name of a droid in "Aliens"
56."You've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel ___?"
57.A sci-fi space western TV show that was unfortunately canceled
1.Theme song consists of only 2 musical notes
2."They wanted to see something different, but something different saw them first" (3 Words)
3.Michael ___: Usually plays a deformed mutant.
4.Frankie ___: Black guy in the Hannibal movies
6.John Wayne's last film
7."Cowboys and ___"
9.Director of the original western "Alamo"
11.Tromaville Health Club. (2 Words)
13."A Fistful of ___" and "For a Few ___ More"
14."Eight legs, two fangs and an attitude"
15."I see dead people." (2 Words)
21.The Tall Man.
22.Veronica ___: Plays Lambert in "Alien"
23.Bruce ___: "This is my boomstick!"
25.A western called "True ___"
27.Red powder from a nuclear explosion (2 Words)
28.Wears boots and Wranglers.
30.1982, starring Chuck Norris (2 Words)
32.Jamie Lee __: Known as The Scream Queen
39.Type of mask worn in Friday the 13th
40.Likes to eat brains.
41.A western called "___ Your Wagon"
42."Go ahead. Make my ___"
43.Cabin in the woods (2 Words)
45.Keith ___: In "The Thing," as well as "Princess and the Frog"
46.Chucky's bride's name
47.Character who is imprisoned for cannibalism
50.Sidney's dad's name in "Scream"
51.Last name of US president actor

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