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A Mare's Reproductive System

Emily Norwig

Sources: Horse Science 4-H Horse Program Series Horse Anatomy-John Green

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2.a female horse under the age of 4
4.a steroid hormone released by the hypertrophied cells of the corpus luteum.
5.First milk of a pregnant mare, it's very important for the foal to drink this
6.the funnel-like membrane that surronds the ovary. it catches the egg when released by ovary
8.a hormone produced in the anterior pituitary gland. it initiate lactation and milk secretion.
11.Estradiol, Estrone, Estriol all stimulate development of femal sexual characteristics
16.the "quiet period" of a mare's estrous cycle
18.Entrance to the females vagina from outside
19.Where a newborn foal drinks colostrum
21.Tube that carries the egg from the ovary to the uterus
23.the "preparation period" before estrus of a mare's estrous cycle
26.Another name for the cervix
27.Produces the female sex cell (egg)
28.LH, comes from the pituitary gland and regulate corpus luteum in females
1.A solid mass that forms in the follicle after the egg has left. It produces a hormone that helps maintain pregnancy. It prevents other follicles from developing while the unborn animal is growing in the uterus
2.FSH, Comes from the pituitary gland and causes follicle growth.
3.Another term for uterus
7.a mare that is not in foal
9.335-342 days long, Length of time from fertilization until partuition
10.Estrous cycles throughout the breeding season without pregnancy
12.The narrow passage or dorway between the vagina and uterus
13.the time when a follicle bursts and the egg is released
14.Another term for egg
15.the "heat period" of a mare's estrous cycle
17.Canal which leads from the uterus to the outside of the female
20.a mare that is no longer able to produce, same as gelding.
22.a bubble like structure on the ovary which contains an egg
24.Muscular, spongy organ of the female where the unborn animal develops
25.a mare that did not produce a foal in the current breeding season

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