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Economics Puzzle 1

Mr. Holguin

1 2
3                 4                
6     7      
  14 15          

3.We need to learn about economics because it affects our ?
5.More people will be willing to produce the item when they see that there's money to be made.
7.are the things that everyone can’t live without such as food, shelter, clothing and air.
8.The particular amount that is offered or asked for when something is bought or sold
9.The human ability to produce a good or service: Talents, skills, physical labor, etc
10.The desire, willingness, and ability to buy a good or service
11.Name of your student teacher
13.Not having enough resources to produce all of the things we would like to have
15.Things that can be seen, touch, and bought and sold
16.Something that encourages or motivates someone to do something.
1.Goods made by people to be used specifically to produce goods and services: Tools, office equipment, roads, factories, etc
2.When someone puts all the factors of production together to make a good or service
4.Things that can be seen, touch, and bought and sold
6.Study of how people make choices about what they buy, what they produce, and how our market system works.
12.The natural resources that people use: Forests, pasture land, minerals, water, etc.
14.The things that we desire but can go on and live without. Such things as radios, TVs, phones, computers

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