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Supply, Demand, and Cost

1 2       3                
6                                     7         8          
  9 10                              
15   16                                  
  18                       19
21                           22                      
    26                             27  

2.Change in consumption resulting from real income change.
6.Graph of the quantity supplied of a good by suppliers at different prices.
7.Goods used in place of another.
9.Table that lists quantities of goods people buy at different prices.
12.Cost of producing one more unit of a good.
13.Tendency of suppliers to offer more of a good at a higher.
14.Graph of quantity supplied of goods at different prices.
16.Amount a supplier is willing and able to supply at a certain price.
17.Chart that lists how much of a good suppliers will offer at different prices.
18.Goods that consumers buy when they have more money.
20.Factor that can change.
21.Cost that rises and falls depending on how much is produced.
22.Graphic representation of a demand schedule.
24.Cost that does not change.
25.All other things held constant.
26.Chart that lists how much of a good all suppliers will offer at different prices.
28.Amount of money firms receive selling goods.
29.Goods bought and used together.
30.The desire to own something and afford it.
1.Describes demand whose elasticity is exactly equal to 1.
3.Table that lists quantities of a good all consumers in a market buy at different prices.
4.Describes demand that isn't very sensitive to change in price.
5.Amount of goods available.
8.Goods that consumers don't buy when they have money.
10.Measure of the way quantity supplied reacts to a change in price.
11.Consumers react to increases in a good's price by buying less and more of others.
15.How consumers react to a change in price.
19.When a good costs less, consumers buy more.
23.Fixed costs plus variable costs.
27.Describes demand that is very sensitive to price change.

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