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Banned Books Week Crossword Puzzle

Guthrie Memorial Library

Banned Books Week (September 24 - October 1st) 2011

1         2
  4 5       6
8                             9
  11       12    

1.Author of teenage vampire series challenged for “causing kids to think even more of things sexual” (3 Words)
4.“Text speak” title challenged for foul language and questionable sexual behavior
8.History book challenged for being “un-American, leftist propaganda (3 Words)
13.Banned novel about a futuristic society in which books are banned (first word)
14.Banned for “racist” attitudes (2 Words)
15.Main character in book said to have “portrayed humans and animals on the same level”
16.Alice Walker book challenged for containing homosexuality, rape, and incest (3 Words)
17.Classic fairy tale removed from two schools for condoning alcohol use (4 Words)
2.Shakespeare play banned from schools because it contains a girl dressing as a boy (2 Words)
3.Not a kiddy story, but a satire on government (2 Words)
5.Dr. Seuss book banned for “criminalizing the foresting industry” (2 Words)
6.Author of 2008 book about a boy growing up on a reservation and attending an all-white school
7.Banned for excessive profanity (5 Words)
9.“Every burned book enlightens the world” (3 Words)
10.Challenged for numbing students to the effects of violence (3 Words)
11.Anonymously written diary said to contain explicit drug and sex references (3 Words)
12.Copies burned in 2011 by a Florida pastor in response to a UN compound raid in Afghanistan
14.Quoted ad being the number one bestseller (2 Words)

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