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Money and Banking

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2.a policy to do with interest rates
3.where prices increase in the economy common in a boom time.
4.this institute carriers out the ecb policy in ireland
5.Who were the first bankers.
7.where prices decrease in the economy common in a slump
9.NTMA looks after our national?
10.this institute lends money to create employment and aims to increase standard of living
11.ireland is in one happens when production slows down and jobs lost etc
15._________ market operations. carried out by ecb
16.loan taken out for a house
17.To exchange one good for another
18.name of the street where there is protest in america at the moment
1.Money which must be accepted in exchange for goods/services
6.________ liquidity ratio. Can convert to cash easily
8.Controls the interest rate in europe
11._________ ratio a bank must hold a certain percentage
12._______ bank maket. overnight
13.where the value of the paper money is not the same as its actual value
14.aib is know as a _______ bank?

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