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Gordon Gekko

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4.Two words used to describe the original private and very selective universities in the United States (2 words, but NO space)
7.Working very poorly.
12.White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (abbreviation).
13.If you fire someone from their job you "give them the ______________."
14.Things that are not products such as savings, stocks in other companies, buildings, land, machinery, and products that are not sold that can be sold and turned into money (cash).
15.A person who owns a share or many shares of stock in a private company and who then has the right to vote on management decisions.
16.A private teacher.
17.A product, especially an agricultural product such as wheat, corn, rice, head of cattle, pork bellies, etc.
18.High point of a career or a mountain.
19.A type of lizard about 3 feet (1 meter) long; best known for "marketing" car insurance.
1.Dangerous; out of balance.
2.Money paid to a shareholder based on the company making a profit. The more shares you own, the more dividends you will receive.
5.Money or the costs of things such as maintaining buildings, paying to repair vehicles, bills that must be paid, etc. that a company is responsible for even when business is very bad.
6.There is NO "silver medal".
8.The value of all the shares of stock is < the actual sale value of the company and all its assets.
9.A fee paid to a seller based on a percentage (%) of the value of the sale.
10.The value of all the shares of stick is > the actual sale value of the company and all its assets.
11.A person who lends a company money for capital projects by buying a bond. They do not vote on management decisions.
17.If you get to the "bottom line" in a conversation, you "cut to the __________."

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