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Find the answers to this crossword in chapter 11

1                     2        
  4                 5  
6           7                            
12                   13            

1.series of stages that a product goes through from first intro. to complete withdrawal from the market.
4.use of advertising.
6.type of promotion used by letter/ mail.
10.gathering, recording, and analyzing data about the types of goods and services that people want.
11.practice of setting prices close to those charged by other companies selling similar products.
12.all the activies needed to move goods and services from the producer to the consumer.
13.The amount of satisfaction one gets from a good or service.
14.Offering a product for sale in a small area for a limited period of time to see how well it sells before offering it nationally.
1.Selling a new product at a low price to attract customers away from an established product.
2.routes by which goods are moved from producers to consumers.
3.The role of the consumer as ruler of the market when determining the types of goods and services produced.
5.businesses that sell consumer goods directly to the public.
7.information gathered by researchers about possible users of a product based on such characteristics as age, gender, income, education, and location.
8.buisness transactions conducted over computer networks, in particular the world wide web.
9.businesses that purchase large quanities of goods from producers for resale to other businesses.

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