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The Gilded Age

Bailee Decair

This crossword puzzle incorporates most of the key people, events, and ideas that make up the Gilded Age.

3                                 4
5 6 7                                    
  8   9    
    10 11                                     12 13  
15           16          
          18     19                            
          21                 22        
    25                                 26              
27                       28                                  
29               30                      
34                 35                                          
  41                 42            

2.With his election, Populism collapsed, burying the hopes of the farmers (2 Words)
3.He invented the typewriter (2 Words)
7.A process in which Carnegie bought out his suppliers (2 Words)
11.An act that banned entry to all Chinese except students, teachers, merchants, tourists, and government officials (3 Words)
17.Started an organization for farmers called the Patrons of Husbandry, also known as Grange (3 Words)
19.Bicycle manufacturers from Dayton, Ohio, and made the first successful flight of a powered aircraft (2 Words)
20.This connected the East and the West parts of the United States with transportation; finished in Utah on May 10, 1896 (2 Words)
21.A system that bound laborers into slavery in order to work off a debt to the employer (2 Words)
25.With Samuel Gompers as its president, this association focused on collective bargaining (4 Words)
27.He successfully used a steam engine to drill for oil, that started an oil boom and the beginning of Petroleum-refining industries (2 Words)
28.This clause stated that even if a man failed the literacy test or could not afford the poll tax, he was still entitled to vote if he, his father, or his grandfather had been eligible to vote before January 1, 1867 (2 Words)
29.A prominent African American educator who believed that racism would end once blacks acquired useful labor skills and proved their economic value to society (2 Words)
31.The first president in 28 years that tried to lower tariff rates but was not supported by Congress (2 Words)
32.An island in New York Harbor that was an inspection station for immigrants, mainly from Europe (2 Words)
34.Also known as William Tweed, became head of Tammany Hall in 1868 (2 Words)
35.This act established the right of the federal government to supervise railroad activities (3 Words)
36.An act that made it illegal to form a trust that interfered with free trade between states or with other countries (3 Words)
37.Growth of cities
38.The giving of government jobs to people who had helped a candidate get elected
39.Republican President who couldn't convince Congress to support reform, so he used other means such as hiring independents and firing top officials (2 Words)
40.Transportation systems designed to move large numbers of people along fixed routes, enabling workers to go to and from jobs more easily (2 Words)
41.Overcrowded and unsanitary multifamily urban dwellings
42.An annual tax that had to be paid before qualifying to vote (2 Words)
1.this movement was designed to assimilate people of wide-ranging cultures into the dominant culture; sponsored by the government and by concerned citizens (2 Words)
4.One of the most influential members of the Social Gospel Movement; founded Chicago's Hull House (2 Words)
5.Overt favoritism toward native-born Americans
6.He established the Standard Oil Company and gained control of the oil industry in America (2 Words)
8.One of the first industrial moguls to make his own fortune (2 Words)
9.With this agreement, Japan's government agreed to limit emigration of unskilled workers to the United States in exchange for the repeal of the San Francisco segregation order (2 Words)
10.The movement of the people
12.An act that authorized a bipartisan civil service commission to make appointments to federal jobs through a merit system based on candidates' performance on an examination (4 Words)
13.He invented the light bulb (2 Words)
14.A monetary system in which the government would give citizens either gold or silver in exchange for paper currency or checks
15.Backing dollars solely with gold (2 Words)
16.He invented the telephone alongside Thomas Watson (3 Words)
18.A process in which companies producing similar products merge (2 Words)
22.The illegal use of political influence for personal gain
23.Segregation laws that separated white and black people in public and private facilities (3 Words)
24.preached salvation through service to the poor (3 Words)
26.Founded by W.E.B. Du Bois, and insisted that blacks should seek a liberal arts education so that the African-American community would have well-educated leaders (2 Words)
30.Explains that a process of "natural selection" weeded out less-suited individuals and enabled the best-adapted to survive (2 Words)
33.A mixture of people of different cultures and races who blended together by abandoning their native languages and customs (2 Words)

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