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6.03 Renting Vocabulary

Personal Finance

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1.A financial statement that helps assist in money management and aids in tracking income and expenses is called a (2 Words)
5.The ability to move quickly and easily
8.Money paid in advance of moving into a living space to the landlord or property manager to be used for repairs or (2 Words)
10.A person who owns a living space that is rented or leased.
11.Part of the purchase price for a home that is paid in cash up front at closing (2 Words)
12.A professional person who acts on behalf of the buyer or seller (3 Words)
13.Private spaces located within another structure such as a house, hotel, or other facility are called
16.Buildings usually located on college and university campuses that include a shared room are usually available during school semesters (2 Words)
18.Houses composed of two apartments situated side by side are called
19.Single housing units usually surrounded by a yard are called
20.A person who leases or rents a living space
22.A legal notice to a lessee to move out of a property
23.A person who rents the property is called a renter or a
2.A person who works for the owner in regards to finding and screening tenants, collecting rent, maintaining the property, securing the (2 Words)
3.the final step in buying a home where conditions of purchase are met; all parties must be present
4.Payment made in exchange for occupying another’s land or property is called
6.Single apartments in a multiple housing structure that can contain multiple stories, garages, yards, and other amenities are called
7.is the greatest expense when considering the four major areas of expenditures
9.Sets of rooms on one floor of a building used as separate residences are called
14.Manufactured houses that are capable of being moved from one location to another are called (2 Words)
15.A legal agreement between a landlord and a tenant stating terms agreed upon by both
17.Rent can be paid to the property manager or to the
21.when a tenant finds another person to live in his/her leases space and pays rent

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