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Stuart Gedal

1 2
3     4      
9               10 11          
  12   13 14   15
19   20                    

3.The energy or ability to make a business earn extra money above expenses; the ________ for profits.
5.The first "outsider" brought in to be CEO of Apple was (last name) _______________.
7.Given credit for (positive) or blamed for (negative).
8.Gates and Microsoft paid _____________ (2 words-no space!) dollars for the right to develop DOS.
9.Drove a white Mercedes and was an early backer of Apple.
10.A charity funded by Steve Wozniak after he left Apple.
16.The computer club where Jobs and Wozniak first displayed their computer.
17.Extremely bad; very, very destructive.
18.The people who have a disease.
19.Jobs gave Gates three of these before they were on the market.
21.One kind of US corporation that pays no taxes is a ____________________ .
22.Stress; the opposite of relaxation and enjoyment.
23.Company from which both Gates and Jobs stole ideas.
1.Bill Gates drove one of these into Paul's car.
2.Although he was a business executive and engineer, the Financial Times article listed Bill Gates' profession as _________________________.
4.A medication that must be put directly into the blood or into a muscle.
6.To try to change someone's mind.
11.Spending as little money as possible.
12.Reducing your demands or requests for something, and, in exchange, getting something else that you want (hyphenated word!)
13.Eliminating a disease or illness completely.
14.Budgets for philanthropy or government assistance (3 words, no spaces!)
15.Both Jobs and Gates referred to IBM by this nickname, taken from a George Orwell novel (2 words, no spaces!)
20.When Arlene gave birth to Steve Jobs first daughter Arlene was living on a farm where everything was shared. This type of farm was called a __________________.

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