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Social Welfare

Sofia Pardini, Nicola Evans, Catherine Keligian, Annabel Pidgeon, Sophia Reynolds, Corinne Damon, Annie Capaldi, Alex Stimpson

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3.tax by which the government takes the same share of income from everyone
7.Government programs available only to individuals below a poverty line
10.provides benefits to individuals, particularly those in need
11.abbreviation for the public assistance to needy families
12.a method used to count the number of poor people that considers what a family would need to spend for an "austere" standard of living
14._____ of poverty; increasing concentration of poverty among women
1.type of payment given by the government directly to the individuals
2.the "shares" of the national income
4.amount of funds collected between any two points in time
5.The proportion of income a particular group pays in taxes
6.a tax which the burden falls relatively more heavily upon low-income groups than upon wealthy taxpayers
8.tax by which government takes a greater share of income from the rich than the poor
9.amount of fund already owned
13.abbreviation for the "negative income tax" that provides income to poor families

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