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European Union

TB 367-371 or Study Guide 110-11

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7 8              

2.One positive effect of EU members is that most adults can read or have a high _______ (2 Words)
3.Made up of many countries of Western Europe (2 Words)
4.Original purpose of European Union
7.In order to be a member of the EU, a country must first make improvements to laws, the _______, and the environment.
10.All citizens living in EU countries have their rights protected by the ______ (3 Words)
1.One Goal of the EU is to help people lead a better life, or ______ (3 Words)
5.Recycling centers were created to help improve the______
6.One benefit of the EU is that citizens may live and ______ in any member country.
8.EU members share the same ________ to help when crossing borders
9.trade between member countries is made easier with the elimination of _____

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