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Economics Vocabulary

Kelli Ferré

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2.the problem that resourses are limeted
3.an amount of money borrowed fora certain period of time
6.Man-made resourses used over and over
7.a single business with the power to control prices in a market
8.When you have no money, and owe money
11.the difference between what it costs to produce something and the cost it sold for
14.a plan for raising and spending money
15.Something not exactly needed, but desired
1.the amount of money left after taxes have been paid
4.Making a desion to decide what will benifit you most
5.a place where money is kept
7.A place where goods are exchanged
9.How much there is of the product
10.Certificates that people buy from the government, which agrees to pay back the cost of a bond, plus interest, after a set period of time
12.to use foney ro help a business get started or grow with the business to eatn a profit you can share
13.an nessecity, such as food, clothing, and shelter

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