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ART 1 - Color Theory

2 3        
4 5   6  
  7 8 9           10             11
16           17                  
    18   19  
      23 24

3.Black added to a color makes a
9.A cool secondary color
10.When lights and darks work together they create
12.A cool secondary color made from blue & yellow
15.These work in conjunction with the elements of art (3 Words)
16.Added to a color it makes a tint
17.Colors arranged in a circle are called (2 Words)
20.This color scheme uses only one color
21.Kandinsky is considered the father of ___________ Art
22.This is the lights and darks of a color
25.A warm primary color like the sun
26.Another word for color
27.Another word for hue
1.A design school in Germany that lasted until the outbreak of WWII
2.The designer of the color wheel we use today
4.Colors associated with fire and the sun
5.A warm secondary color
6.Colors that are Opposite of each other on the color wheel
7.Colors that are made by mixing a primary and a secondary
8.Three properties of color are hue, value and
11.How many sets of complimentary colors
13.A warm primary color
14.A system of organizing colors (2 Words)
18.3 -5 Colors related to one another on the color wheel
19.Colors that can not be mixed
23.Added to a color it makes a shade
24.Colors associated with the sky, water and ice

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