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Jose Rizal Crossword Puzzle

Phebe W. Sawan - BSIT 4SE

1 2 3 4 5      
6                                       7
        8   9
10         11      
    13                     14     15          
      16   17                  
  21             22          
  24 25         26
27                               28                
    29                 30       31  
32                           33 34        
35                       36            
37                                 38
  39 40                        
41         42                     43
      44           45            
  46                 47                    
48                   49          

4.Rizal's father was native of _____, Laguna.
6.Rizal's love for his town inspired him to write __________________. (5 Words)
12.The author of Uncle Tom's Cabin. (3 Words)
13.A nationalistic essay that Rizal wrote that was published in Diariong Tagalog. (2 Words)
14.Juan Luna's masterpiece which won first place during the National Exposition of Fine Arts.
17.Rizal's sister who died at the age of three.
18.Where Rizal took private lessons during recess time to improve his Spanish. (3 Words)
19.Rizal's tutor who was a classmate of his father. (2 Words)
20.What Rizal was called for being recognized as the most brilliant Atenean of his time. (4 Words)
21.Rizal's first novel which he wrote in Berlin. (3 Words)
27.A very attractive girl who was a close friend of Olimpia. (2 Words)
28.Rizal learned the art of wrestling from his ________. (2 Words)
29.The author of The Count of Monte Cristo, one of Rizal's favorite romantic novels. (2 Words)
32.Rizal's eldest sister.
34.In the middle of Laguna de Bay was the storied island _____.
35.The daughter of Rizal's landlord uncle Antonio Rivera who became Rizal's lover. (2 Words)
37.Rizal was admitted to Ateneo de Municipal due to the intervention of Father _____________. (2 Words)
40.A German scientist who wrote "Travels in the Philippines". (2 Words)
41.A zarzuela written by Rizal which was staged by the Ateneans in 1880. (3 Words)
44.The Spanish steamer that Rizal boarded that was bound for Singapore. (2 Words)
46.Rizal's second article for Diariong Tagalog. (2 Words)
47.Rizal called it an "inhospitable land but famous." (2 Words)
48.Also known as the Carthaginian Empire.
49.Bearded and turbaned; was used by Rizal's nurse maid to frighten Rizal if he would no eat.
50.Rizal's friend who was a painter and was the father-in-law of his teacher in Biñan.
1.Rizal's mother was truly a ________ woman.
2.Rizal's first teacher.
3.Spaniard who sided with the Filipinos in their desire for reforms. (4 Words)
5.Also known as the Roman Empire.
7.Concepcion's nickname.
8.The "costliest capital in Europe" as described by Rizal.
9.The capital of Ceylon.
10.The famous street in Barcelona. (2 Words)
11.Rizal's father studied Latin and Philosophy at the College of ______ in Manila. (2 Words)
15.Rizal's sister, Saturnina, studied at _________ College. (2 Words)
16.The novel that Rizal dedicated to the Fathers Gomez, Burgos and Zamora. (2 Words)
22.Rizal's early education was concentrated on the four Rs -- reading, writing, ________ and religion.
23.When Jose Rizal was little, he enjoyed the vibrant beauty of __________, an inland lake in his hometown. (3 Words)
24.Rizal's friend and co-worker in the Propaganda movement who was in love with Consuelo. (3 Words)
25.Paciano, Rizal's older brother, was nicknamed ___.
26.The name of Rizal's favorite black dog.
30.A French vessel for Europe where Rizal boarded.
31.Rizal practiced fencing and shooting in the Hall of Arms of ___________. (3 Words)
33.Rizal's mother studied at the College of _______. (2 Words)
36.The beauty of the place and the moonlight reminded Rizal of Calamba and his family. (3 Words)
38.Rizal's first tutor was Maestro _______.
39.Rizal was christened "Jose" in honor of __________. (2 Words)
42.Rizal's mother vowed to the Virgin of _______ that Rizal would be taken to her "sanctuary by way of pilgrimage".
43.Doña Teodora saw Rizal's inclination to ____.
45.What Rizal's nurse maid was called.

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