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Economics for Dummies



1 2 3 4
  5 6                          
        11   12  
    15 16              

6.a situation where the market delivers socially non-optimal output (6,7)
7.The price to pay to borrow money (8,4)
8.A cost or benefit which falls not on the parties directly involved but on others (11)
9.The benefit consumer get when they can buy something for less than the maximum they were prepared to pay (8,7)
13.Adam Smith's idea that when constrained by competition, each firm must act in a socially optimal way (9,4)
16.Machines, factories and infrastructure used to produce output (7)
18.a line on a graph which shows how much of a product buyers will consume at various prices (6,5)
19.Prices which are slow to adjust to shocks (6,6)
20.a firm with no competitors in its industry (8)
1.Any money collected by a firm above what is required to continue in business (8,7)
2.situation in which a pair of prisoners has to decide whether or not to break an agreement (9,7)
3.government intervention to ensure a product's price stays below its free market price (5,7)
4.Ricardo's argument that each country should specialise in the production of goods and services it can deliver cheapest. (11,9)
5.when the inflation rate exceeds 20% per month (14)
10.wages measured in money (7,5)
11.goods or services which can't profitably be produced by private firms (6,5)
12.A group of firms which colludes and acts as a single coordinated whole to drive up prices (6)
14.a measure of happiness (7)
15.Costs which have to be paid whatever the production level (5,5)
17.when the overall level of prices in the economy is falling (9)

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