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Economics Crossword - SUPPLY

Mr. Pastis

The Concepts of Supply

1 2
  5               6  
  7                         8  
  9   10      
11       12        

3.The total quantity of a product that is produced (Also known as "Output") (2 Words)
5.The period of time in which only one input is changed (2 Words)
7.How much Total Product changes when one unit of an input is added (2 Words)
13.When the machines and software used to produce something improve (3 Words)
14.How many reasons for a Change in Supply there are
15.How much the total costs change with the addition of one additional unit of input (2 Words)
1.The 2nd stage of production, where Marginal Product starts to get smaller (2 Words)
2.The laws and other rules Congress passes that affect the cost of production (2 Words)
4.Producers will provide more of a product at higher prices than at lower prices (3 Words)
6.How much of a product a producer will provide at a particular price (2 Words)
8.How much the things that are used to produce a product cost (3 Words)
9.The point where Total Costs and Total Revenue are equal (2 Words)
10.The Quantity Supplied changes at every price, causing the entire curve to shift (3 Words)
11.The cost of replacing equipment that wears out over time
12.A cost the business must pay that stays the same no matter how much is produced (2 Words)

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