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Math Terms Crossword Puzzle!

George Adeosun

Good luck!

1     2     3
  4 5   6            
  8           9  
13                                     14
15       16          
19                 20  

1.Possible numbers to replace variables (Mostly real numbers)
4.a mathematical expression that is the sum of a number of terms
7.a mathematical statement that two expressions are equal
8.all real values of y that result when the domain values of x are substituted for x in the function
11.a mathematical notation indicating the number of times a quantity is multiplied by itself
13.a fraction that has the same numerical value as a given fraction
16.a rectangular array of numbers, symbols, or expressions.
17.Solution that you get that does not work in the original problem
19.the result of dividing the Cartesian Plane into four equal parts.
21.algebra expressions with only two terms
2.Changing the grouping of numbers will NOT change the value
3.a letter that represents a number or an unknown quantity, such as x, y, z
5.A pair of numbers that give the location of a point on a grid.
6.the vertical line on a graph
9.numbers that can't be expressed as a quotient of two integers
12.a fraction that expresses a relationship between low quantities
14.the point (0,0) where the x-axis and the y-axis intersect in a coordinate plane
15.Number pairs of the form A + (square root of B and A -(square root of) B whose product has no radicals in it.
20.a single number or a variable

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