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chapter 3 econ

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1.is a shared good or service for which it would be inefficient or impractical to make consumers pay individually and to exclude those who did not pay
7.allows people to decide what agreements they want to enter into.
8.someone who would not be willingto pay for a certain good or service but would get the benifit anyway
10.a private organization that tries to persuade public officials to act in ways that benifets its members
12.income level below that which is needed to support families
13.study of economics behavior in small units such as households and firms
15.period of expansion ,or growth followed by a period of contraction
16.direct payments of money to poor or disabled
18.does not suggest that the free enterprise system does not work
19.gives the inventor of a new product the exclusive right to produce and sell it for 20 years
20.part of the economy that involes transaction of individuals and businesses
2.goods and services provided for free or at greatly reduced prices
3.the total value of all final goods and services produced in a counrty in a given year
4.financial award given by a goverment agency to a private individual or group in order to carry out a specific task
5.love of ones country
6.smith refers to is a commitment to the value of work
9.concerns of society as a whole
11.study of economics behavior and decisions making in a nations whole economy
14.the principle that everyone has the same legal rights
17.is a general term that refers to goverment and for the poor

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