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Court terms crossword puzzle

Joseph H.

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7             8      
11             12            
13 14                

1.a person appointed to decide cases in the court of law
4.an official in the court of law that keeps order
6.the final part of court that gives a decision and resolves
7.a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration
8.a detailed study of a person or persons being accused
9.a body of people that give a verdict of a case based on evidence
11.to dismiss until another day
12.a person who sees an event take place
13.a person who brings a case against another
16.a government body that interprets and applies laws to cases
17.a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration
18.a person or persons being sued or accused in the court of law
19.a procedure that allows a party to challenge the decision made by the court
20.a person who practices and studies law,gives legal advice, represents people in court
2.when a person who has been proved of a crime
3.a person who types what is said during a court session
5.when a person is not guilty of the crime at time
10.the seat for judges in court
14.a general rule made by the government
15.available facts that help prove a case to be true

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