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Chapter nine:


1       2             3     4  
5 6                           7
8 9                      
  16 17                              

1.Real estate, buildings, etc. As well as anything permanently attached to them.
6.Tax on tangible or intangible possessions, such as a house that is owned
9.Tax on donations of money or wealth, in which some associations can exempt
10.Exemption or oversight in a tax law that allows a person or business to avoid paying taxes
11.Tax on value of each stage of production, added by manufacturers
12.High depreciaition charges that allow a reduction of Fed. income tax payments for firms
13.Reduction of business taxes due to investment in equipment
15.Personal income rate from the amount of taxes being paid falling below a specified level
17.Tax which adds higher percentage rate of taxation for those with higher incomes
18.Profits gained from the sale of an asset held for 12 months
19.High tax used for raising revenue and reducing products that are not socially desirable
20.Tax which adds higher percentage rate of taxation for those with lower incomes
2.Largest source of revenue for states. Distributed through Govt.
3.Tax on a property transfer when someone dies
4.Tax on people's earnings
5.Branch of US treasury in charge of collecting taxes.
7.Person who assigns value to property that is owned for tax purposes.
8.Complex tax on people's earnings
14.Simple tax levied on consumer's purchases
16.Tax used to pay for Social Security and medicare

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