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Econ Terms #2

Mr. Ludwig

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4.Trading one good for another good
6.Almost as a rule; money encourages...
9.This is seen as the basis for decisions made in a Planned Economy (2 Words)
11.The type of economic theory where the means of production are privately owned and operated for profit
12.When the public determines what businesses and products are best (2 Words)
14.Hong Kong was under ____ rule following the Opium Wars
15.Who makes decisions in a planned economy?
17.Owns the means of production in a planned economy (2 Words)
21.The process of the Government selling off an industry to a person or persons
22.One of the most controlled economies in the world (2 Words)
23.A trait usually seen as negative; but at the heart of Capitalism
24.The state China (and Cuba's) economies are currently in
25.an example of a good provided by the government is...
1.The type of 'government involvement' level we have here in the U.S. (2 Words)
2.If an economy based on Capitalism wants a good to cease being sold; it must make it...
3.Governments in todays world need to balance control and ...
5.Almost every government has determined that ___ is fair and necessary to provide to all.
7.___ takes on two form in capitalism; wages and profit
8.One of the only economies in the world that is more 'free' than the U.S. (2 Words)
10.When governments protect these; it sparks innovation (2 Words)
13.Which network was the focus of the Documentary 'The Merchants of Cool'?
16.One pro of P.E. is that long term projects can be undertaken. This is called...
18.In Capitalism; profits are usually used to...
19.Which thinker is associated with Socialism and Communism?
20.The word for money collected by the Government from people and businesses

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