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Supply and Demand


1 2
    4 5
  8     9    
      10     11                  
13   14                              
        15     16    
  18                         19

3.exception to law of demand 7 and 4 (2 Words)
6.measures the percentage change in qty supplied to changes in price 3
10.demand for a good in its use in the production of other goods 7 and 6 (2 Words)
13.the price which ensures that everything produced is bought 11 and 5 (2 Words)
16.measures the percentage change in quantity demanded to change in price of a good 3
17.causes the demand curve to shift left 4 ,2, and 6 (3 Words)
18.a table showing the quantities demanded at different prices 6 and 8 (2 Words)
1.perfectly inelastic demand is this figure 4
2.the difference between what a consumer pays and what they would be willing to pay 8 and 7 (2 Words)
4.a good which commands a price 8 and 4 (2 Words)
5.causes supply curve to shift to the right 4, 2 and 5 (3 Words)
6.causes a movement along supply curve 5
7.the difference between the lowest price a producer will accept for a good and the price they actually receive 8 and 7 (2 Words)
8.type of good, pepsi or coke 10
9.measures the percentage change in quantity demanded of one good to change in price of another good 3
11.causes the demand curve to shift right 9 and 6 (2 Words)
12.payment to any FOP in excess of supply price 8 and 4 (2 Words)
14.satisfaction or benefit 7
15.the purchasing power of income is considered this 4 and 6 (2 Words)
19.marginal 5

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