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Hunger Games Chapters 13 & 14

Matt Towers

1 2
    3 4
6       7  
8         9     10      
      11   12        
13             14      
15                         16

5.Tracker jackers are another type of Capitol ____.
8.They can't get her in the tree, because they're too ____.
10.My mother says healers are _____, not made.
12.To remain still is ____. (p.211)
13.What K. has always done to escape (p.219)
14.Part of body where K. is badly burnt.
15.Side-effect of tacker jacker stings (p.235)
17.Why K. goes back to dying Glimmer.
18.This contestant leaps from tree to tree.
1.In the smoke, swift-footed animals were my ____ (p.210)
2.This Career attempts, unsuccessfully, to climb.
3.How is Glimmer with a bow? (p.221)
4.These run from the fire.
6.Number of times K. is stung.
7.Colour of tracker jackers. (p.225)
9.After fire: Gamemaker's next weapon.
10.All my ____ is gone. (p.222)
11.K.'s first sponsor gift.
16.Why the wasps seem subdued.

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