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Hunger Games Chapters 15, 16 & 17

Matt Towers

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1.How Rue keeps her hands warm (p.248)
3.Why can't Rue run?
6.Bird the girls make a meal of (p.244)
11.Who kills the boy from District 3? (p.271)
12.This wily contestant steals from the Careers' supplies.
16.Used to cure tracker jacker stings (p.242)
17.Common punishment in the Districts.
18.Rue: cause of death.
21.Watercourse where K. washes after tracker jackers.
22.What Rue loves most in the world.
2.These help K. see in the dark (p.249)
4.Rue collects these for breakfast (p.253).
5.When you're hungry, it's called a ____ day (p.277)
7.The boy from District 3 reactivates these. (p.265)
8.K.'s strategy - destroy the Careers' ____.
9.The food pyramid is protected by a ____ -trap.
10.Which ear does K. injure in the explosion? (p.269)
13.How Rue prepares her medicine (p.243)
14.Sweet liquid from honeysuckle bush (p.238)
15.These set off the mines.
19.Rue reminds K. of ____.
20.How K. prefers to do her hair.

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