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Market Structures

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2.This involves leaving the price of goods unchanged because it costs too much to change (2 Words)
3.Market structure with small number of sellers supplying similar products
5.This occurs when existing firms in a market lower their prices to stop new entrants (2 Words)
9.A company is considered this if they decide the price, and smaller rivals follow them (2 Words)
11.This student's use of a mobile phone is another exception to the LDMU
12.When MR =MC a firm is in this position
16.This word describes a firm selling surplus goods on the export market at a price below the cost of production
18.Market structure with many firms (2 Words)
21.Shape of demand curve under monopoly conditions (2 Words)
22.Market structure large number of firms selling similar but slightly different products (2 Words)
24.Shape of demand curve facing an Oligopoly (3 Words)
1.Type of advertising that promotes products of an individual suppliers (2 Words)
4.Firms in PC are said to be price _____________ (2 Words)
6.When a firm tries to increase their market share without lowering their prices this is called? (3 Words)
7.In PC in the short run the supply curve is that part of the___________curve which is above the AC curve (2 Words)
8.When you charge different customers different prices this is referred to as_____ _______ (2 Words)
10.shape of demand curve faced by a firm in PC (2 Words)
13.Type of advertising that promotes products but not suppliers (2 Words)
14.When AR > AC you will earn this
15.This prevents new suppliers (3 Words)
17.Products in PC are said to be this
19.Market structure with one firm
20.An example of a market in Ireland that has features of Imp. Comp.
23.This student's believes their learning experience is greatly enhanced by the use of the chair beside them

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