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Crossword on Supply and Demand

Gianpaolo Mosconi

A test of your skills on supply and demand


3.When the amount offered for sale is reduced because the price level has fallen. (Three words).
4.When the production of one good also results in the production of another (Two words).
5.Increases in demand caused by changes (falls) in price. (Three words).
7.When the demand for one good or service comes from the demand for another good or service. This demand orginates with suppliers.(One word).
1.Goods that are consumed together, for example bread and butter. (Two words).
2.A good that is demanded for more than one purpose so that an increase in demand for one purpose reduces the available supply for the other purpose. This leads to higher prices, e.g. milk used in butter and cheese. (Two words).
5.The price at which demand is equal to supply and there is no tendency for change. (One word).
6.This factor causes a movement in the supply or demand curve, not a shift. (One word).

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