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Circles Crossword Puzzle 10.1 - 10.3, 10.7

1 2 3
4 5               6     7      
        9   10  
        11           12          
13             14          
  16   17    
    18               19        
  20             21  
23 24                      

5.A chord that goes through the center.
6.If a diameter of a circle is perpendicular to a chord, then the diameter _________ the chord and its arc.
11.You use this many letters to name a semicircle arc.
12.x^2 + y^2 = r^2 is the equation of a circle centered at the __________.
13.A wagon wheel has 15 spokes. What is the measure of the angle between any two spokes? ____________ degrees
15.A section of the circles edge.
18.A line is tangent to a circle if and only if the line is ______________ to the circles radius.
20.A line, ray, or segment that intersects the circle in exactly one point.
22.The two things you need to know to graph or to write an equation of a circle are the radius and the ___________.
24.An arc with endpoints on a diameter.
25.The radius is _____________ the length of the diameter.
26.If you are given the center and a point on the circle, you may have to use this formula to find the radius.
27.An arc whose measure is greater than 180 degrees and less than 360 degrees.
28.Where the tangent intersects the circle.
29.The distance around a circle.
1.A segment whose endpoints are the center and any point on the circle.
2.A line that intersects a circle in two points.
3.The ratio of the circles circumference to its diameter.
4.The diameter of the circle with equation x^2 + y^2 = 121
5.If one chord is a perpendicular bisector of another chord, then the first chord is a __________ of the circle.
7.In the same circle or in congruent circles, two chords are congruent if and only if they are __________ from the center.
8.Circles that have a common center are said to be this.
9.A segment whose endpoints are on a circle.
10.The measure of a _________ arc is the measure of its central angle.
14.The center of the circle with equation (x - 1)^2 + (y + 2)^2 = 35
16.Tangent segments from a common external point are ___________.
17.The radius of a circle with center (10, 8) and point on the circle (2, -7) is this number.
19.An angle whose vertex is the center of the circle.
21.The radius of the circle with equation (x - 2)^2 + (y+4)^2 = 49
23.Two circles are congruent if they have the same __________.

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