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Jack Yang, Byron Chin, Salil Desai

A vegetable cross word puzzle!

1 2     3      
4                   5

2.This rhymes with the word "baggage".
4.This is a fast growing aquatic plant, it is one of the oldest leaf plants consumed by humans.
7.This is a "chinese cabbage", and it is part of the same spieces as the common turnip.
9.This vegetable is a bulbous root vegetable, its is a purple white color.
10.This "flower" is actually a vegetable, it is yellow, or it can be white and fun to blow on!
11.A vegetable sometimes considered a fruit; red and acidic.
1.A green leafy vegetable, used in salads and sandwiches.
3.This vegetable looks like a small cabbage, and it is named after the capitial of Belgium, Brussels.
5.Eating this vegetable requires more calories to digest than it gives you.
6.Looks like a mini tree!
8.Popeye eats this for lots of energy.

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