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Economics Part 2 CHC3P

Nessim Nahle

1 2 3
5                     6
12               13            
14 15            
16                   17        

4.Hitler began a huge program of _________ to build Germany's economy and reduce unemployment (2 words)
5.When prices start to go up
8.Prices rising out of control (Germany)
11.People or companies can sell their shares on the __________ (2 words)
12.The depression of the 1930s was called the __________ (2 words)
16.When the economy is at its lowest
17.When economy is at its peak
1.The Canadian government imposed taxes on American imports called ______
2.Last name of the primer minister that served during the Great Depression
3.Canada's economy boomed because of American influence called__________ (2 words)
6.Purchasing goods and services like a car
7.The day the Great Depression started (nickname) (2 words)
9.The rising and falling pattern in the economy
10.When population go from rural areas to urban areas
13.When the economy starts to fall after its peak its called ________
14.Canadian people enjoy social ______ programs like free medical care
15.When the economy starts to get out of a depression

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