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Fefu and Her Friends

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1.A lawn games where you hit balls with a mallet through hoops in the grass. Fefu refers to playing this game several times
4." Otherwise the ______ in us will perish. As we grow we feel we are strange and fear any thought that is not shared with everyone."
7.The term that describes a play within a play
9.The scar in the brain of Julia
10.Seven years and three months is how long Paula says this lasts
2.The subject of what the ladies are rehearsing for
3.Fefu's real name
5."Death is not anything. It's being lifeless and I have felt lifeless sometimes for a brief moment, but I have been rescued by these...._____"
6."If we're showing what life is, can be, we must do___"
8." I mean how can business men and women stand in a room and discuss business without even one reference to thier ____. I mean everyone has them. They just pretend they dont."

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