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Romantic Period Crossword Puzzle

Prof. Hollenbeck

Romantic Period Final Review

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1.The mood of an art song is often set by a brief piano introduction and summed up at the end by a piano section called a _______________.
3.One of the few composers fortunate enough to be supported by private patrons was ________.
6.________ was the first great master of the romantic art song.
8.The contrasting episodes of Berlioz's Fantastic Symphony are unified by the recurrence of a theme known as the
11.Chopin expressed his love of Poland by composing polonaises and _________.
13.Liszt created the ______________, a one-movement orchestral composition based to some extent on a literary or pictorial idea. (twowords)
18.Music criticism was a source of income for both Berlioz and _________________.
19.______ was the founder of Czech national music.
21.Because of the French Revolution and the __________________, many aristocrats could no longer afford to maintain private opera houses, orchestras, and "composers in residence". (twowords)
22.The German composers of art songs favored, among others, the lyric poetry of Goethe and _______.
24.The 1844 Treatise on Modern Instrumentation and Orchestration that signaled the recognition of orchestration as an art in itself was written by _____ _____.(two words)
25.Robert Schumann's Carnaval is a _____ of piano pieces.
29.The deliberate intent to draw creative inspiration from the composer's own homeland is known as _________.
30.A composer who earned his/her living as a violin virtuoso was ________.(last name)
32.A slight slowing down or speeding up of the tempo, characteristically employed in the performance of much romantic music, is _______.
36.Non-program music is also known as _____________ music.
37.Schubert's songs number more than
38.A romantic composer who earned his living as a touring virtuoso was _______.(last name)
2.Altering the character of a melody by changes in dynamics, orchestration, or rhythm is a romantic technique known as _____ ________. (twowords)
4.Schubert's primary source of income came from his musical ________________.
5.The ____________ of a romantic art song is an integral part of the composer's conception, and it serves as an interpretive partner to the voice.
7.Romantic composers rejected the basic forms of the classical period and preferred to develop new forms of their own. (true or false)
9.Drawing creative inspiration from cultures of lands foreign to the composer is known as
10.The composer whose career was a model for many romantic composers was __________.(Last Name Only)
12.The composer who developed the symphonic poem was
14.Most of Chopin's pieces are exquisite _____________.
15.Today's movie scores may be regarded as examples of _______ music.
16.The center of romanticism and the artistic capital of europe during the 1830's was _______.
17.A _____ _______ is a set of romantic art songs that may be unified by a story line that runs through the poems, or by musical ideas linking the songs.
20.The piano's relentless rhythm in Erlkönig (The Erlking) unifies the episodes of the song and suggests the _______ horse.
23.A study piece, designed to help a performer master specific technical difficulties, is known as an ________.
26._______ music is instrumental music associated with a story, poem, idea, or scene.
27.A very important musical part of every middle-class home during the romantic period was the ________.
28.The ___________ is a dance in triple meter that originated as a stately processional for the Polish nobility.
31.An ___ song is a musical composition for solo voice and piano.
33.Clara Schumann frequently performed the works of her husband and of her close friend ______.
34.To display his incomparable piano mastery, Liszt composed his Transcendental ______ and made piano transcriptions of Paganini's violin pieces.
35.An orchestra toward the end of the romantic period might include close to (#) ______ musicians.

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