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Mentor: The Kid and the CEO Chapters 6-10


1 2
3         4         5
7               8    
10   11 12            
      14 15
  16           17      
19         20 21    
23 24                            

3.the lake has a _____ even though there are no ships
6.what separates winners from losers
7.A _________ Chapter seven title
9.______________ what you start.
12.Chapter six title
13.Don't ______ anything.
16.name of person who accompanied Malcolm to speak to group
17.Malcolm's position/job
21.The ______ (chapter 8 title)
22.Use good ______
24.VIsit someone in a _______ (two words, no space)
25.day of the week that 'group' met
1.what CEO stands for (no spaces)
2.__________ gives you knowledge
4."because you read, you have _____."
5.Malcolm explained to Tony that he was in prison in his _____
7.Title of Chapter 9
8.who gave Tony the first book he ever read from cover to cover
10.Repay _____
11.a _____ helps someone develop their life.
14.Malcolm wanted to meet Tony at 6AM at _____ (two words, no space)
15.____________ take action.
17.Name of person who came to Tony's cell Saturday and scared him
18.A _____ (two words, no space) is a list of everything you want out of life.
19."People need to read so they can learn from _______."
20.________ plan
23.Always be on ____.

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