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Death and Loss

Practical Psychology - Chapter 12

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1.our ___ and ___ affect our fear of death and affect the meaning of death (2 Words)
4.many people ______ their feelings about death, refusing to acknowledge their own death, and avoid talking about the death of others
5.___ death; speeding up the process by withholding or withdrawing life support
9.a focus on networks in which a person remains woven from birth and after death; fostering the memory rather than letting go
11.this term originally described a resting place for travelers in the Middle Ages
12.according to ____, "we generate methods to soften death's terror
13.the dying person is dealing with reality, gradual separation from life, last stage of five stages
15.first stage of the five stages of dying according to Kubler-Ross
16."lessons my Gram taught me" includes _____ (the number of) lessons, some of which were learned by being with her dying grandmother
18.often a promise to God to change a behavior in exchange for more time
20.a ___ will states a person's preferences for end of life care
22.a pioneer in the field of the study of death and dying
23.this type of suicide happens after a decision-making process without coercion from other; often after suffering with a terminal illness
24.this ancient philosopher wrote that "no man enjoys the true taste of life but he who is willingand ready to quit it"
25.___ tasks include sustaining and enhancing interpersonal attachments
26.it is a myth that younger people are more likely to commit suicide than older people
2.suicide is the ______ leading cause of death in the United States
3.planning designed to protect the self-determination of people who are no longer able to make decisions about their care; includes a living will or designation of person to make medical decisions (2 Words)
6.according to ________ philosophers, including Yalom, acceptance of death is vital to discovering meaning and purpose in life
7.hospice ___ ___ usually replaces more expensive, impersonal treatment, and hospitalizations (2 Words)
8.for survivors, the death of a loved one by suicide is the beginning of __________, including a wide range of intense emotions
10.the formal processes of grief within the community
14.he developed a task-based model for coping with dying
17.___ care is symptom-oriented, end of life care; goal of maximizing quality of life and minimizing discomfort
19.his model of understanding grief includes 10 touchstones
21.___ support groups may benefit survivors in several ways

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