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Economics: Unit Facts CHC (Applied)

Mr. McCue and Nessim

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3.The purchase of products not out of need but out of want
7.The PM who signed the free trade agreement between Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.
8.When the economy is at its lowest point.
9.The depression of the 1930's was called the ____ ______ (2 words)
11.Canadians enjoy social ____ programs like free medical care.
14.Last name of the Prime Minister that served after 1935
15.When economies and cultures try to become more closely connected to the world.
18.The group of government programs designed to "catch" you if you "fall" on hard times (3 words
21.People or companies can sell their shares on the ___ ____ (2 words)
22.When the economy is at its peak
23.Trade between two countrues with no tariffs charged (2 words)
24.The problem caused by the oil embargo in the 1970s. (2 words)
25.The Canadian government imposed taxes on American imports called ____
1.Factories or businesses in Canada, owned by companies in another country (2 words)
2.Money put in to Canadian businesses from other countries (2 words)
4.When the economy starts to get out of a depression
5.When the population moves from rural areas to urban areas.
6.Last name of the Prime Minister that served at the beginning of the Great Depression
10.When prices start to go up
12.A minor turndown in an economy
13.The rising and falling pattern in the economy (2 words)
16.The day the Great Depression started (nickname) (2 words)
17.People who start and run their own business.
19.Agreement between Canada and the U.S concerning automobile trade (2 words)
20.The free trade agreement between Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.

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