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Civil War Crossword Puzzle

By: (General) Luke Disney

1 2 3
4         5 6                    
  7               8          
12               13        

4.A nickname for Confederate soldiers.
6.A nickname for the money used during the Civil War.
7.2 day battle, the goriest battle in US history up to that point.
9.Someone who is trying to get rid of slavery.
11.A gradual increase in prices.
12.First battle of the Civil War. Only thing that died was a Confederate horse.
15.The right which guarantees accused individuals the right to a hearing before being jailed.
17.To leave the US Union.
18.War on all aspects of the enemy's life.
19.A conflict between citizens of the same country.
20.Set up in a strong position.
1.Law for men ages 18-35 to serve 3 years in the military.
2.President of the Confederacy during the Civil War.
3.16th president of the United States.
5.An exaggerated loyalty to a particular region of the country.
8.The main cause of the Civil War. To force others (usually African Americans) to perform labor.
10.A nickname given to the Northerners by the Confederation.
13.To free all black people from slavery.
14.A Confederate general, command of the army opposing McClellan.
16.A soldier who has wounded or been killed in battle.

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