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Greek Mythology Crossword


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45       46 47  

1.Who is the ancient greek goddess of ghosts?
6.What did the cyclops make for Poseidon?
7.Who guards the gates of the Underworld?
8.Who is the god of nature?
9.Who is the goddess of victory?
11.Who is the crippled god and husband of Aphrodite?
13.Who was Athena's childhood friend?
14.Who is the god of wine, theatre, and poetry?
20.What symbolizes Athena's protection of the city of Athens?
21.Who is the goddess of blessed afterlife?
23.Who is the greek hero who killed Medusa?
24.Who was the mortal girl that Athena turned into spider?
25.What is Athena's symbol for wisdom?
27.Who is Athena's mother?
28.Who is the protector of heroes, and goddess of wisdom?
32.What did Hera recieve as a wedding gift from Gaia?
33.Who was raped by Poseidon in Athena's temple?
34.Who is the goddess of love and beauty?
37.Who did Amphitrite bear with Poseidon?
38.What is Persephone's domain?
40.What did the cyclops make for Hades?
41.Who was the mortal judge of the beauty contest?
42.Who stole the fire from Zeus and gave it to the humans?
43.Who is the goddess of youth and Zeus' cup-bearer?
44.Who was the mortal hunter who was good friends with Artemis?
45.Who is the god of war and has a stormy affair with Aphrodite?
48.Who was changed into a dolphin for helping Poseidon?
2.What are Braireus, Cottus, and Gyges?
3.Who is the goddess of family and hearth?
4.Who kidnapped Persephone and made her his queen?
5.Who is the goddess of hunting, childbirth, and chaste love?
8.What is Hera's symbol of pride?
10.Who tried to trick the gods into eating human flesh?
12.Who is the god of the seas?
15.What is Hera the patron goddess of?
16.Who is the goddess of agriculture and crop fertility?
17.Who is the king of the gods, ruler of Olympus, and god of the sky and thunder?
18.Who is the titan that overthrew Uranos?
19.What did Poseidon create in honor of Demeter?
22.Who is Artemis' twin brother and the god of healing, the sun, arts, prophecy, and archery?
26.What did Zeus hurl at people who displeased him?
28.Who is the wife of Poseidon?
29.Who is the messenger of the gods?
30.After the battle against Cronos and the titans, who did Zeus marry?
31.Who is the god of earth's wealth?
35.Who is Hades' wife and queen of the Underworld?
36.Who made the thunderbolts for Zeus?
39.Who is the exiled king who tried to rape Hera?
46.How many years did the Titanmachy last?
47.Who did Cronos marry?

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