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Natural Disasters and Extreme Enviroments crossword puzzle

Declan Dumville

This puzzle is about natural disasters and extreme enviroments. I hope you enjoy!

1       2    
  5 6  
    7         8  

1.A large wave that can take down a city.
4.A place in out of space that scientists are reserching on.
7.A wild slash of wind that throws everything around.
9.A big shake that can knock buildings down and can badly injure people.
10.A masive hill of snow that you can snowboard on.
2.A large stampede of snow that chases you down a mountain.
3.a place were it always rains and lots of animals and incects live there.
5.a large water tornado that is made out of water.
6.Something that lava flows from that can be up to 1000 to 5000 feet.
8.A quiet and hot place with lots of animal bones.

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