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Business and Labor

Dr. Reimer

This is designed to go with Chapter 22 of Civics Today

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3.people elected by the shareholders of a company to act on their behalf (3 Words)
5.process by which unions and employers negotiate the conditions of employment (2 Words)
11.association of workers organized to improve wages and working conditions (2 Words)
15.voluntary association of people formed to carry on some kind of economic activity that will benefit its members.
17.laws that prevent workers from forcing workers to join a union to hold a job (2 Words)
19.a business owned and operated by a single person (2 Words)
21.when business owner’s responsibility for a company’s debts is limited (2 Words)
23.process of making business deals more visible to everyone
24.situation in which union and company officials submit the issues they cannot agree on to a third party for a final decision
25.business owned by two or more people
26.type of business owned by many people but treated by the law as if it were a person
1.money used to buy the tools and equipment used in production (2 Words)
2.formal legal papers specifying the arrangement of partnership (3 Words)
4.written document granting land and the authority to set up a colonial government; or a government document granting permission to organize a corporation.
6.situation that occurs when management prevents workers from returning to work until they agree to a new contract
7.when workers deliberately stop working in order to force an employer to give in to their demands
8.company that requires new employees to join a union after a specific period of time (2 Words)
9.the obligation business has to pursue goals that benefit society as well as themselves (2 Words)
10.payment of taxes on corporate profits (2 Words)
12.individual who has invested ion a corporation and owns some stock
13.when a business owner is personally and fully responsible for all losses and debts of the business (2 Words)
14.company in which only Union members can be hired (2 Words)
16.an arrangement in which employees have the option to join a union after being hired (3 Words)
18.unfair treatment based on prejudice against a certain group
20.situation in which union and company officials bring in a third party to try to help them reach an agreement
22.ownership share of a corporation

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