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South Park Crossword Puzzle


Trivia questions that will stump even the biggest fans of South Park!

1   2   3            
4   5 6   7 8 9
10                 11     12     13      
                  14 15
  16   17                 18                
      19       20 21 22        
    23               24  
25           26       27     28
    30                 31  
32             33                         34     35          
              36           37     38      
        40         41        
43       44 45        
    46 47  
48           49               50          
  53 54          
55                     56      

1.Who does Cartman sing a gay love song to and falsely profess his undying and gay love to in order to reach a conclusion to his plan that he favors?
3.Who was born in 9/11?
10.Where is Mr. Garrison from?
12.What organization does Cartman approach that almost gets all the boys in his class molested by old pedophiles?
17.What actor helps the government in the episode Imaginationland?
18.Who's a Fudge Packer?
19.What's the first name of Cartman's father?
23.Kyle can't dance because he's a...
25.What does Paris Hilton dress Butters up as?
29.On what topic of conversation did Matt and Trey meet?
32.What song does Randy play on the guitar on the episode 'Guitar Hero'?
34.Who is M.C. Goldstein?
36.What false name does Grandpa Marvin Marsh call Stan all the time?
38.What does Kenny use to get high?
39.What character does Vernon Chatman voice?
40.Which South Park character had the honor of being named after a scientific discovery by Sophie Rutschmann of the University of Strasbourg who 'discovered a mutated gene that causes an adult fruit fly to die within two days after it is infected with certain bacteria'?
41.How many times has Cartman dressed up as a girl?
42.When is the release date for the new upcoming game, 'South Park: The Stick of Truth'?
44.The name of Cartman's pig.
48.What other name was Sharon Marsh known as in the first season?
49.Trey and Matt are big fans of what double trilogy?
50.Cartman's body is sweet for what type of sport?
51.Who voices Stan's gay dog?
52.In the episode 'Cartman Finds Love' it can be concluded that Cartman is a representation of what type of fans?
54.What original band sings the song 'Heat of the Moment', which Cartman sings in the episode 'Kenny dies'?
55.What is the most epic, but retarded make-believe animal in the show?
56.Cartman is not the only one in town with the blood type AB. Who else is?
57.Who says 'Helleeeerrr~' and makes Token laugh uncontrollably and give up his money to him?
58.What is Ms. Garrison's first name?
2.Trey was engaged to a woman who cheated on him... what character was named after her?
3.What does Kyle hate more than pee and Cartman?
4.What book is Pip based off of?
5.Kyle has red hair because he is a...
6.What comes after the mysterious 'part two' of the Underpants Gnome's plan for profit?
7.What animation program is used to make the show?
8.Archie Bunker was the role model of what character in the show?
9.What is Ike's birth name?
11.The wonderful Mary Kay Bergman voiced what 'new' character before she died?
13.Eric Stough (animation director and producer of the series) was the role model of what character in the show?
14.What did Kyle get at the end of Cartman's Christams story about Woodland Critters?
15.Butter's favorite restaurant is...
16.What is the only celebrity the two boys (Matt and Trey) actually hate deeply and with a passion?
20.Who is the King of Blacks, according to Randy?
21.What do you have to lick in order to become a lesbian?
22.What celebrity they included in the freak protest group in the episode 'Freak Strike'?
24.When Cartman looses his memory and thinks he's a prostitute, what oriental prostitute does he believe himself to be?
26.Who plays Jabba the Hutt in the episode, 'Starvin' Marvin in Space'?
27.What kid in South Park has the worst parents?
28.Even Matt and Trey have a favorite character! What is their favorite SP character?
30.Who's the biggest douche in the universe?
31.George Clooney voices the doctor that replaces Kenny's heart with a...
33.What is the most contradicting hero in the 'Coon and Friends' according to Cartman?
35.How many last names does Clyde have thought the span of the show?
36.The colors of the 'La Resistance' flag is red and...
37.Cartman's favorite phrase to use during business interactions is 'You're breaking my...'.
43.What song did Robin Williams sing in 'South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut'?
45.Butter's real first name.
46.Who is Tupac Shwartz?
47.What Christmas character in the show is unbiased to all religions?
53.'Pull my...'

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