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Photosynthesis Crossword Puzzle

2 3   4
6       7         8        
  9             10

5.An animal that eats other animals.
6.The links between organisms following energy that carnivores get from eating to the energy captured by photosynthesis. (2 Words)
8.The primary product of photosynthesis.
9.An important by-product of photosynthesis.
11.A compound necessary for photosynthesis to occur. (2 Words)
12.An animal that eats plants.
1.The process by which plants and some bacteria use the energy from sunlight to produce chemical energy stored in the form of sugar.
2.The number of carbon atoms involved in the photosynthesis chemical equation. (Hint: This is the same as the number of carbon atoms in one sugar molecule)
3.During most of the year, chlorophyll absorbs every color of sunlight except this.
4.A common compound both necessary for photosynthesis and produced by photosynthesis.
5.Plant cell organelles which contain chlorophyll.
7.A plant pigment that absorbs sunlight.
10.The part of a plant optimized for photosynthesis to occur.

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