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Printmaking Vocabulary

Marty Ransford

A crossword puzzle to help introductory Printmaking students learn essential vocabulary for the art form.

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1.Printmaking where lines carved into a block of wood or other material are used to make a print.
3.A mechanical device used in various printmaking processes.
5.A mechanically generated copy of a work of art. Not considered a true print by printmakers.
7.Thick, greasy, pigmented material used in printmaking. The printmakers equivalent to paint.
8.A harmonious, meaningful, communicative plan for a print. Can consist of sketches, computer generated images or photographs.
11.A printmaker's unique seal used to "sign" finished prints.
13.Print making where a print is created on a flat surface without cutting into the surface. Planography includes lithography and monotype.
15.A type of planography where a design is created directly on a smooth plate. Each monotype may show more variation than other types of prints.
17.Also known as a knife. The tool used to mix ink on a slab.
18.Printmaking where lines etched into a metal plate are used to make a print
2.Printmaking where grease is used to create a design on a stone slab or metal plate. A type of planography
4.Printmaking where a stencil is created using a piece of cloth. Also known as "silkscreen" printing.
6.A group of prints created using the same block or plates, ink, design, etc., all of which are intended to look as much alike as possible.
9.The image left by the ink on the printmaking paper.
10.A pice of wood, linoleum or other material used in relief.
12.The artist's test of a print design. sed to make sure the colors and design are correct before an edition is printed.
14.A flat, smooth piece of glass or stone on which ink is mixed. The printmaker's pallete
15.A way of creating art. Includes ceramics, painting, drawing and many other art forms.
16.A thin piece of metal used in Intaglia or Lithography.

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