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Unit 3 Week 4--Nursing 116

Kristina Parshikova

Anderson 6,7,12

1 2 3        
  4                 5  
9             10

2.In what place you are given many opportunities to develop and use critical thinking skills?
4.The second type of knowledge that is necessary to move from a novice to an expert nurse is "_______"? (2 words)
6.The term used to described four types of mentors who are destructive.
9.It is required that_____ work under the supervision of a RN or physician.
12.Nurse who is willing to assist a novice to learn the skills of the profession.
13.Some people replacing critical thinking with another term? (2 words)
15.The essence of critical thinking is to_____________(2 words)
16.One of the aspect of critical thinking?
1.Purpose of __________ are to find solutions, create plans, and discover new ideas.
3.Consider options related to the information that received is one of the characteristics of____(2 words)
5.People who do not use critical thinking and unquestioningly gollow th rules are______people
7.Information you learn in school is known as ________? (2 words)
8.Theoretical learning is _______ learning.
10.Never accept what you are told or what you read. Consiter the______?
11.Ability to see something of value when you weren't looking for it at all.
14.The second concept that has impact on successful entry into the practice of nursing is applying what kind of theory?

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