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Ender's game Crossword

Connor Rowland

Search for names, games, and anything to do with Ender's game in this crossword! BE CAREFUL THERE ARE NO SPACES BETWEEN WORDS!

1 2         3      
4     5    
6                     7
12         13       14   15
  16 17              
    19     20            
21                         22  

2.The one person who Ender really loves
4.The planet where command school is located
6.The unbeatable game that Ender manages to beat, the one with the giants drink (3 Words)
8.What everyone called the new kids in battle school
9.The alias used by Peter, this pseudonym is named after an english philosopher
10.In battle school, it's the place where the play battle games and fight other armies (2 Words)
12.He manipulates Ender to create a great commander
13.Ender is one and gets made fun of because of it
17.Allows the government to see if Ender is capable of saving the world
20.it is a "faster than light e-mail system", it is mimicking the buggers way of communicating
21.The place where ender meets Mazer Rackham (2 Words)
23.Ender's first friend in battle school
24.He is very violent towards his younger brother Ender
1.Where battle and command school were located (2 Words)
3.The organisation created to protect earth from the buggers, the recruited ender for commander (3 Words)
5.The first person killed by Ender
7.Futuristic computers
11.He saved earth from the buggers in the second invasion (2 Words)
14.The alias used by Valentine
15.Mazer Rackham and Ender have both saved us from them
16.The name of the first army that Ender was in
18.Ender uses it in the third invasion to destroy the buggers' homeworld
19.The name of the first army that Ender commanded
22.She helped to train Ender when no one else would

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