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Real Estate

Derrick DeBlaey

Chapter 14

1 2 3
    5                       6
7 8                        

4.Sets a limit on how much the borrower's monthly payment can increase in any one year (2 Words)
5.Enables the seller to finance a buyer by permitting him to make a down payment followed by monthly payments (2 Words)
8.Another word for construction loan (2 Words)
9.An arrangement whereby a party providing financing gets a portion of the ownership (2 Words)
11.A loan arrangement wherein the lender agrees to make a loan based on the amount of equity in a borrower's home (2 Words)
12.A person or family with an income of not more than 80 percent of the median income for the local area (3 Words)
13.Accrual of interest on a loan balance so that, as loan payments are made, the loan balance rises (2 Words)
14.The interest rate on an ARM is tied to this (2 Words)
15.A mortgage program designed to increase home ownership and revitalization in minority areas (2 Words)
16.A right, for a given period of time, to buy, sell, or lease property at specified price and terms
17.A mortgage secured by two or more properties (2 Words)
18.Reverse annuity mortgage
19.A mortgage that secures personal property in addition to real property (2 Words)
20.Means an equal number of people have incomes above or below the number
1.Lender's cost of doing business, risk of loss on the loan, and profit
2.A note accepted by a seller instead of cash (2 Words)
3.Provides mortgage options for borrowers of 1-4 family homes (2 Words)
6.Provide for the use of land without the need to purchase it (2 Words)
7.Short-term loan for new construction or remodeling of an existing structure (2 Words)
10.A mortgage that encompasses any existing mortgages and is subordinate to them (2 Words)

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